second chances

Last month, two corkscrew auction lots came available from an auction company in Philadelphia. And, knowing that the auction would get much interest, a couple of the usual suspects exchanged emails and decided to go in together to acquire the collections.

And, handsome collections they were.

On Saturday the auctions were to take place, and while I as off island, RL was assigned online bidding duties. With our top bids decided upon, the bids were placed, but we were outbid on both lots!!!

Rather frustrating, but we didn’t want to exceed our price on each lot. Perhaps we will be successful next time.

One of the lots was especially interesting as it had multiple Thomasons, several pairs of ladies legs–one of which is mother of pearl, and a few other interesting corkscrews.

And, then yesterday, I received an interesting email asking if I would be willing to take shipment of that very same lot on behalf of PB.

Since he had to foot the bill for the lot, and knowing what that lot cost, I figured… Why not ask if he wanted to share.

I offered to go in with him, and he has since agreed. So, at least a few of the corkscrews pictured below will be heading to the island.

Actually, all of the corkscrews pictured below will be heading to the island, but only a few will remain with the rest being shipped to the UK.

Nice lot Petey, and thanks for sharing the love!


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