A few additions!

After a few emails (14 to be exact) a deal was struck, and three corkscrews are heading to the island.

One will be an excellent addition to the growing Davis / Detroit / Puddefoot collection. It is a Detroit Leg, which are usually plain–not that a Detroit Leg is usual–but this one carries advertising! When it arrives it will be added to the Detroit Corkscrew page.

The second, is actually one that originally belonged to me, was traded away, and is now coming back. It is a lovely henshall corkscrew with a Coney embossed shaft.

The third, is actually one I have been after for some time, and this might even make the best 6–although given some of the corkscrews that have made their way into my collection this year, it is entirely possible that it won’t. Whether it does or not, I am thrilled to be adding a 1926 McLean Patent to the collection!

The McLean is marked PAT FEB 23 1926, and 14K — also with the initials WDM…

Who WDM is I am not really sure, but for the time being, I am thinking it stands for “Who Da Man?”


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