Shaker Clock Repair Tool…

I headed off on the first boat yesterday, and after hopping in the Mini, headed a few miles down the road to an antique show. 60 dealers, hopefully one or two would have a corkscrew. Or, perhaps one dealer would have several.

After walking the through the booths, twice, I did run across a couple of corkscrews. One, I didn’t buy, as it is the same one he has been trucking around for at least 4 years, and I have seen it at the various antique shows around Maine (and in Brimfield) multiple times. The price remains the same ($ 225) and it is barely worth 1/4 of that.

On my second round of looking, I did see a small corkscrew in a case. After asking the price, and hoping they might look for others, I forked over my three dollars, and continued my search.

Around another corner, I made another interesting discovery. The corkscrew is just a simple bow, but the dealer had some rather interesting documentation to accompany the corkscrew.

She had found an old copy of Shaker Smalls, and within that book had a copy of an image of “Shaker Brothers Clock Repair Kit.” And, within that image, there are two corkscrews shown.

Advertised by the dealer as a “Shaker Clock Repair Tool,” I couldn’t pass it up (especially at a price of 12 bucks).

So, while there wasn’t any real corkscrew finds at the show, I did make another purchase. And, this is actually something I have wanted for the corkscrew collection for some time. It is an antique desktop magnifying glass.

While I don’t mind using a loupe to examine markings on corkscrews, this makes it a little more user friendly for others. And, there is definitely less risk of stabbing yourself in the eye with a helix with this option.

There was one more interesting item at the show, and this would be Vinalhaven related. I left this behind, but took the person’s number on the off chance that someone from the island was interested. It is a marriage certificate from 1874 from Vinalhaven, and witnessed by Watson H. Vinal.

You never know what will turn up at a local antique show!!! A rare corkscrew would have been an exciting thing to find, but not a bad morning on the mainland.

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