adding a Curley corkscrew to the collection

And, before you ask, yes, this will probably end up with me building a webpage dedicated to the corkscrew makers of Troy, NY.

However, until that happens…

I have had several variations of Thomas Curley’s patent over the years, and while there are still some variations that I would like to own, one in particular has proven to rather difficult to find (or buy for that matter).

That said, whilst in Chicago, a nice American patent corkscrew was offered to me, and since we couldn’t strike a deal that final day, we agreed to revisit the potential deal in the coming weeks. After an inquiry as to other corkscrews that might be available, a picture of the desirable Curley arrived in my email, and as of this morning the deal was done.

Now, there are a couple more corkscrews that are part of the deal; one thrown in as a gift with purchase, the other might be a double, but I won’t know until I can compare it to a similar looking corkscrew in the Frary corkscrew collection.

That said, if I am going to build a webpage dedicated to the corkscrew makers of Troy, NY, I really need a folding Hicks and Reynolds corkscrew. I missed out on one at the ICCA AGM in Chicago, and prior to that lost out on one on eBay. So, if any of you happen to have one, I will gladly trade for it. Drop me a line!


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