it works like this…

Last week, a 1933 American patent corkscrew was listed on our favorite online auction site. And, the auction ended moments ago.

In the listing, the seller explained, “I am not exactly sure how this might work?”

Mr. Arnof, in his 1933 patent description, does begin to answer the seller’s question (which is actually a declarative statement with a misplaced question mark, but I digress) The 1933 patent description explains,

“In accordance with the present invention, the tongs are formed with a cork-screw element, together with means for removing crown caps, together with means for removing other types of caps, as well as with means for grasping a small ice cube; also in accordance with the invention, the tongs may include one or more of said elements and means and different combinations of them.”

Makes perfect sense!

That said, auctionsniper did the job it was tasked to do, and the 1933 Arnof patent tongs/corkscrew will soon be heading to the island.

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