a few arrivals…

Going away for a week, can make for an interesting trip to the post office upon your return.

A myriad of packages were awaiting my visit to the p.o. box, and not only that, but also a copy of Bob Nugent’s article on Thomas Curley Corkscrews were amongst the magazines, political ads, bills, and catalogs that is the usual mailbox filler.

Thanks Bert for a copy of the article! (Don, a copy will be sent to you next week!).

There were many corkscrews that were amongst the packages. A couple of Williamson Flashes (for Tommy), a Detroit leg with advertising for Sloman’s Diamond Wedding Pure Rye, a fantastic Curley, the Jopson that was sent for my inspection–amazing that for 13 years I can’t find a single Jopson, let alone even have the chance at buying one, and now there are two sitting in the corkscrew case–a McLean patent, Coney embossed shank Henshall, Arnof patent, small Turkey foot folding corkscrew, and a couple of others.

The Curley should make the best 6 of the year (okay, maybe it won’t…but, it probably will)

And, it looks quite nice next to the other Curleys in the collection.

The Sloman’s Detroit is also a nice addition…

Of course the McLean is pretty cool as well.

Definitely some nice corkscrews, some of which will be staying in the collection, and some–as they are duplicates–will be listed on the upcoming ICCAuction.

On a non-corkscrew note, the lovely bride and are I headed to Boston for the next several days, so the blog may not be updated regularly. However, I will provide news upon our return.

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