Heading towards home and an American Novelty Company corkscrew

After a few days in Boston, the lovely bride and I are heading towards home this morning. A few days will be spent in a small cottage midway between here and home, and then Saturday we will head back to the island.

While we have been gone, a contractor has been removing all the walls, ceiling, and various other parts of–what will be–our master bedroom and bathroom. So, upon our return it will be time to design, rebuild, frame in, and finish the master. Hopefully by the end of November/Early December we can move from the guest room into the finished master.

Of course, after that is complete, and weather permitting, we will dormer out the office, take down a wall, and expand the guest room so that too will have a view of the harbor. It really depends on how much snow we get this year, or how early we get snow this year.

On to corkscrewing.

A couple of years ago, I found a tool kit that came in a tin box, and the tool itself read “PATS APPLD FOR.” I emailed Bob Roger at the time, and he said he and DB both have one, but no one had ever come up with where the tool kit with corkscrew came from. Neither had the box, but I had hoped the distressed logo might give a clue. After further research, there were still no answers.

As it happened, yesterday, I managed to find another one. And, this time there is information, as the logo on the tin box was mostly in tact, and you can see who manufactured it!!!

So, after a little surfing around, I found an advertisement for the very same tool in an old Chilton catalog–which dates the tool to 1915!

Yes… 1915!

Now, the question is did the American Novelty Company of Washington DC ever receive a patent for this particular corkscrew combination tool. With multiple patents applied for, surely one must have received a patent.

I will continue the hunt, to see if this is indeed a new patent discovery, or if it should end up in the patent wannabe section…

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