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Last night, I found an interesting corkscrew that was just listed with a buy it now. And, the Buy it Now looked to be original to the auction, and at the price that the seller was asking, I balked for a moment.

And, then I ran upstairs and grabbed Wayne Meadow’s book on Bar Screws.

After glancing at the images on eBay, then back at Wayne’s book. I still didn’t recognize the corkscrew, and the seller explained in the listing that it had no markings.

I went back to Wayne’s book, and then back to the eBay listing.

Should I just take a chance?

I went for it.

This morning I thumbed through Wayne’s book and saw a very similar looking corkscrew on page 153. On that page, is a catalog illustration for THE NEW “MIDGET” CORK PULL made by Arcade Manufacturing–Wayne explains that this particular ALSO is unmarked : )

Of course, I won’t know until the corkscrew arrives, and until paint remover is applied to the bar screw, as from the photos it appears that, at some point, someone decided black was more desirable than whatever the previous finish was.