Rudy Dolberg

A friend emailed the other day with pictures of corkscrews with which they were interested in parting. And, one picture had several waiter’s corkscrews. Nothing really crazy rare, but it was interesting that in their collection they had 8 different Wienke patents–some with the German DR markings, several with advertising, and one that will soon be heading to the island.

This will be the first example I have had that actually has the US Patent information.

The patent description from 1883 explains that Wienke’s patent was assigned to Rudolph Dolberg; “Wienke’s Karl Friedrich Albert Wienke, of Rostock Mecklenburg, Germany, Assingnor to Rudolph Dolberg, of Same Place”

A nice little waiter corkscrew to add to the US patented corkscrew collection.

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