Curley, Curley, Curley, Curley, Curley, and Curley

After a couple of emails, a few Curley corkscrews are on their way to the island. Some are doubles, and a couple will be staying in the collection, but it will be quite the Curley-extravaganza when they arrive.

Also, as mentioned recently, I got a hold of an article that Bob Nugent wrote on Curley corkscrews (a copy is on its way Don) but also managed to acquire an article Joe Young wrote on Troy corkscrews, and some additional information.

Yes, ultimately this will be included in a website on the corkscrew makers of Troy, NY upon which I am currently working.

Well, not really currently, as this morning will be spent insulating a building for a friend, but soon enough!

Of course, I am looking for unusual Troy corkscrews, those marked for Curley, those marked Empire, and a folding Hicks and Reynolds corkscrew would be welcome as well!

These will all make nice additions to the growing Troy corkscrew collection–which at this point is a dozen or so…

And, since I have 12, why not look for others : )

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