Not even close…

Whilst doing a search of, I had run across an interesting champagne tap that would be a nice addition to the collection.

And, as the auction was winding down, it was sitting at about 66 euro.

With 14 minutes to go, it hadn’t changed, so given I was working on the upcoming issue of the BST, I would check back on the auction every couple of minutes in between editing.

With about 9 minutes to go, I placed a bid, and was the high bidder. And, went back to other tasks. After checking the listing a couple of minutes later, I was outbid, and so, I put a bigger bid in, and again was the highest bidder.

For the proceeding 6 minuted and 50 seconds, I was in the lead.

Could it be that the tap would be coming to the island.

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Nope! I was not even close.

Outbid by 440 Euro in the closing seconds!!!

Oh well… perhaps next time : )