destination Vineland, NJ

For those of you that attended the CCCC AGM in Dearborn, or received the most recent Quarterly Worme, or alternatively visit my blog with certain regularity, you will see that I have an obsession with Detroit corkscrews.

And, yesterday, I received an email from PL, that had a picture of a Welch Grape Juice Puddefoot corkscrew.

Now, I have a Welch Grape Puddefoot, but his is different, and it seems the hunt is now on.

PL’s Puddefoot, is pictured here.


What makes this interesting, is that it is marked WELCH GRAPE JUICE CO., WATKINS, NY

The Welch Grape Juice Puddefoot in my collection–with the boat style handle–is marked for Westfield, NY.



According to PL–who was the VP of Marketing for Welch’s back in the day–the Welch Grape Juice Co, moved to Westfield, NY from Watkins, NY in 1899, but moved from Vineland, NJ to Watkins Glen, NY in 1896.

In the article I wrote on Detroit corkscrews for the QW–which you can also link to here–I cite an issue of Pharmaceutical Era from 1893 which explains that Welch Grape Juice was using the Detroit Cork Screw company’s corkscrews as a vehicle for their advertising. Given that 1893 date, does this mean that somewhere there is a Welch Grape Juice Detroit that is marked for Vineland, NJ?

For those of you that have a Detroit with the Welch’s advertising, please grab it (them) out of your corkscrew cases/drawers, and check. Given I don’t have the Watkins mark, nor the Vineland mark, I would gladly trade for either of them.

Or both 🙂