Best 6 for 2013

Okay, I know… it is a little early to be posting my best 6 of the year, given that it is New Year’s Day, but why not start the new year right…

While there are many many corkscrews which I would love to add to the collection this year, and I have no doubt it will be another exciting (and sometimes frustrating) year of hunting and collecting, here are the 6 corkscrews that I hope will make my best 6 for 2013!!!

If you have any of these, and would like to help me fill in the best 6, feel free to suggest a trade/deal.

Frary with Bell, Spike, and Can Opener Handle:


Philos Blake Patent Corkscrew


Dickson Patent


Sperry Patent


Frary Sullivan Bar Screw


And, perhaps a new discovery from the BOO (Back of O’Leary).


Yes, I think this would make a pretty good best 6.

So, with the new year starting, let the hunting begin!

What will really make the best 6 for 2013, we shall find out in a year. However, it would be really cool if it ended up looking something like this: