I will preface this by saying, I am not talking about a New Year’s resolution.

The other day, someone listed a small folding bow corkscrew, and the images that accompanied their ebay listing, made the corkscrew look like a modern, and possibly poorly made, chrome version of an early corkscrew.


Now, the listing had a buy it now of 25 dollars, and I figured it was worth taking a chance on the little bow.

It arrived yesterday, and I could hardly believe my eyes when I pulled it from the package. The corkscrew is quite handsome, and the pictures didn’t do it justice. Was it the lighting, or the resolution, that made a fantastic corkscrew look like a cheap knock off?

Measuring 1 3/4 inches when closed, it is a beautiful nickel corkscrew that has quite the snap to the hinge.




A nice little corkscrew, RL has already expressed interest in acquiring it. It may stay in the collection however : )