Off to Vermont

The lovely bride and I are heading off island today to celebrate her birthday (on the 13th) in Vermont. It will be a nice leisurely drive with a stop in Portsmouth, NH tonight, and then we will head towards the inn in VT. I have no doubt there will some antiquing along the way, as not only are we looking for corkscrews for the collection, we are in the middle of remodeling half of the upstairs and will be looking for appropriate decor for the new “master suite.”

Of course, our trips to Vermont in the past have netted out some terrific corkscrew finds, and we can hope the same rings true this trip. The Daniel Barnes patent was found in VT, and a nice Curley was picked up whilst driving through on a different VT adventure, and the 15 dollar Jopson patent was acquired on our way back from Bridport, VT… What will it be this time??? Will any corkscrews turn up? The mind races…

While I will have the iPhone with me, our access will be somewhat limited, but I will report back here with any discoveries and/or adventures.

Stay tuned.

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