Back from Vermont!

The lovely bride and I had a fabulous time whilst in Vermont. And, it was wonderful to go meandering on the backroads of new areas.

Yes, we did stop to hit the antique stores that we saw along the way, but unfortunately there weren’t any corkscrews of note.


Okay, it was more of an almost corkscrew sighting–rather than the discovery of a corkscrew…

One of the crazy multi-tool can openers that I have been hunting for is a “vise o lift.” It is a jar-lifter-can-opener-contraption that is actually an American patent.

And, I was rounding the last aisle of the upstairs of one particular antique mall, and there it was. Hanging from a nail above the booth–partially obscured by the beam that spanned the ceiling.


My heart skipped a beat.

I reached for the prized corkscrew/can opener/jar lifter only to see that there was no corkscrew attached.

Apparently William S. Elters of Dayton, Ohio who was awarded U.S. Patent 1906454 in 1933 didn’t ensure that a corkscrew was attached to each Vise-o-Lift made!!!


Curses, foiled again!!!

Oh well, the hunt will continue. Of course, if you have a Vise-O-Lift corkscrew contraption that actually has the corkscrew attached, drop me a line!!!