adding to the R. Murphy Boston corkscrew collection

Technically, I am NOT adding to the Murphy corkscrew collection, although it isn’t for a lack of trying.

It seems, that RL is however. He managed to score a signed Murphy patent button corkscrew with the little hook. This is one that I don’t have, not for a lack of trying however…


I do have over 20 different Murphy corkscrews, but there are a couple that I am lacking. For those that haven’t seen the collection, you can link to it here

Which ones am I lacking?

Well, of the ones I know about, I have yet to find a Murphy with a knife (or Murphys with Knives) as there are variations in handle or direct pull vs. button. And, there is a rare Murphy with little spikes that are under the bell, and I don’t have that one either! And, there is a variation with a brass bell! I would love to add one of those!

Of course, there are probably other variations that would fit nicely into the collation.

And, for those of you that weren’t in Boston for the CCCC a couple of years ago, here is the display of Murphy corkscrew variants that at the time we (BT, JM, KC, and myself) had in our respective collections.


A few have been added since put together that display–for example the Ivory handled one that made my best 6 for last year, and a R. Murphy Boston bell signed on the shaft, with no patent date, as pictured in the catalog pages from Bob Nugent’s 1990 article was picked up at Brimfield last year.

I will keep bothering Robert to see if he will trade me his recent Murphy acquisition, but given that it is highly unlikely that he will be willing to part with it, feel free to send me pictures of the Murphys in your collections.

Perhaps we can make a trade, as I do have doubles!