oooohhhh, I want that!

I received an email yesterday from DB, with the subject line “Frary Corkscrew.”

The text within the email said, “Frary Corkscrew?” and included information regarding the collection from which the corkscrew in the photo finds its origins.

And, the photo was pretty sweet!

I quickly responded requesting further information, and after DB’s response, have since sent an email to the person that (potentially) possesses the Frary, as it could have been sold off privately at one point or another.

No response as of yet, but I will keep my hopes up.

This would definitely be one that would be a fantastic addition to the growing Frary corkscrew collection (19 at this point, although a couple are duplicates).

A Hercules frame with a decorative handle, with a hammer and a spike, I have never seen another example of this particular “Frary-ation.”


If this particular corkscrew isn’t available, it just means there is yet another Frary to be placed on the “must have” list.

If you have a Frary corkscrew with which you would like to part–and you can see them on my Frary Corkscrew page–I am always looking!!!