adding to the Murphy, Davis/Detroit, AND Zinn collection…

The ICCAuction ended yesterday, and while I was shut out on the Hoegger wallmount corkscrews that MW had put up for auction, I did win three lots.

The first, is a Murphy corkscrew—while a relatively plain looking Murphy, this one has a handle that is different than the one already in the collection. A slight variation, marked R. Murphy Boston on the shaft, how could I not add it to the collection.


The second is a Davis/Detroit corkscrew, and well…given that I have 17 different ones, I might as well…

This one is cool as it is a souvenir from the Columbian Exposition of 1893!


The last is an 1909 Edward Zinn patent, I used to own a similar example–that I found 4 years ago–but sold it off to JM as he was hot for it.

When you run across one of these—marked on the tools Edward Zinn–open the case where you can insert the tools, on the inside of the handle, where it slides open, there is actually a patent number; 941,901.

Well, sometimes there is a patent number.

A hard to find corkscrew! And, it is nice to have an example back in the collection!



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