adding to the lovely bride’s best 6!

The lovely bride and I got an early start yesterday, and started heading back home from NYC. With only a little snow falling, we chose the most direct route, and headed up through NY, CT, MA, NH, and finally to Maine where we hopped on the boat.

And, while the snow was cleared from the sidewalks, we are back to having snow and high winds today. Springtime cannot, I repeat CANNOT, come soon enough!

While in NYC, I didn’t find any corkscrews, although I certainly used a couple of them multiple times!

Upon our return, there were several packages waiting for us. One of which contained a very cool double helix corkscrew. A Wilson patent double helix with apple corer, while not Sterling Silver, the lovely bride took one look at it, and said, “That’s mine.”


Looks like her best 6 for this year is going to be pretty impressive : )

Also amongst the packages was the Ivory “CASTSTEEL” corkscrew. It is indeed a handsome corkscrew which will remain in the collection.


As far as the continuing renovation on the house, we will be back at it tomorrow!

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