The bedroom is coming together, and adding a German corkscrew to the collection…

Over the past few days, construction has slowed somewhat, as I have had a wicked cough, and hopefully will feel a bit better tomorrow. Still, the final coat of mud is on the walls, the doors will be installed soon, and the lovely and I picked up the bathroom floor tile on the mainland yesterday—and, a new wet saw… I love getting new tools!

Soon enough we will be installing the flooring and fixtures, and shortly after that it will actually resemble a master bedroom–well, I also am going to be designing and building the bed too–so perhaps it won’t be shortly.

Still, progress is being made!

On a corkscrew note, I ran across an interesting bar-tool/corkscrew the other day, and managed to pick it up rather inexpensively. I knew I had seen one before, but couldn’t remember the patent/registration. So, after securing the deal, I opened up Ferd’s DRGM book, and found the same piece on page 63.




A 1934 George Hermann Usbeck registration, it is marked RITTER-CARLTON Co. GERMANY. This one might be staying in the collection, but of course, I am aways open to a trade.


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