In the Grotto of Redemption…with a corkscrew

The other day, knowing that Tommy is always on the hunt for different Flash Souvenir corkscrews, I picked up an interesting one that is a souvenir for THE “GROTTO OF THE REDEMPTION.” WEST BEND, IOWA.


And, as luck would have it, I ran across another Grotto souvenir corkscrew for sale online—with a poor picture and only described as Grotto Corkscrew—I picked that one up as well.

Assuming it was from the same locale, it arrived this afternoon, and is actually a souvenir for GROTTO SHRINE, RUDOLPH WISCONSIN


With TC’s work schedule, we haven’t been able to talk much lately. So, I am unsure as to whether he has either Grotto corkscrew. And, knowing he has recently added to his collection of flashes—I think he is close to 500 variations—these might be doubles for him.


That said, given that Tommy has so many, and the amount of flash souvenir corkscrews that currently reside in my collection are but a few, I would like to add a couple of others.


If you have any souvenir / flash corkscrews with colorful graphics with which you would like to part, let’s strike a deal. I have tons of corkscrews to trade.