vicariously corkscrewing around…

It occurred to me the other day, as the lovely certified personal trainer informed me that she had signed up for a twitter account so she can “tweet” from the upcoming fitness conference, that perhaps I should set up an account as well.

I mean, with the various antique shows, estate sales, antique adventures, antique fairs, and various other corkscrew hunting locales to which I travel, why not tweet interesting discoveries, new finds, and allow those who are so inclined, to vicariously corkscrew around.

Of course, for those who would rather not follow corkscrew-tweets, I will continue to blog as corkscrews are found, discovered, unearthed, traded for, acquired from, and even sometimes used.

Now, I will say that this is an experiment, and I don’t know how much tweeting-whilst-corkscrew-hunting I will be doing, but let’s see how it all works out. And, for the time being I will limit the tweets–which I always thought should be called twits, but that is another story for another day–to when I am actually traipsing around and looking for corkscrews.

Speaking of corkscrews, a deal was struck the other day for a couple of Gemelli corkscrews, for the whopping price of 10 dollars a piece. These are all doubles, but at that price, how could I not pull the trigger.



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