Musketeer Corkscrew

With each passing day, it seems that there is an increasing amount of material available online. And, Google Books is an excellent resource for information when it comes to hunting down corkscrew histories.

There is indeed a great deal of frustration attached to this type of research as well, as there never quite seems to be ENOUGH information. Still, the hunt continues, and recently I ran across a fun little corkscrew from a circa 1900 publication.

musketeer silver corkscrew

What looks to be a dragonfly holding a corkscrew, the advertisement reads:

SOUVENIR CORKSCREW, Manufactured by the Musketeer silver company, Flatland, New Jersey

A whimsical little corkscrew, which appeared in the December, 1900 issue (#141) of “Judge’s Library.” This particular issue, being “THE BUG BOOK.”


While the Musketeer dragonfly corkscrew is a whimsical drawing, and not a real corkscrew, it never ceases to amaze what might turn up while perusing old books, journals, and magazines.

Speaking of what turns up. Yesterday, a trade was made, and this leggy corkscrew is heading to the island. Thanks for the trade Gav!



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