American Pickers pick a corkscrew

I was watching a previously shown episode of American Pickers today–one that I hadn’t seen–and towards the end of the “Hometown Pickin” episode, Mike picks up a corkscrew, and gets it for 20 bucks.

Now, it isn’t a rare corkscrew, but for an Old Snifter 20 dollars is a nice price. But will this mean that they will start picking up others? Will corkscrews now become one of the items that becomes a staple of their business?

Here are some shots from the episode:






With the popularity of American Pickers, there is definitely an influence in what other dealers are putting out for sale at antique malls, shops, and shows… Bikes, oil cans, guy-stuff, “rusty gold,’ all have started to turn up more often.

Could corkscrews follow suit?