Another corkscrew on American Pickers and an interesting bow…

Well, it has happened again, another corkscrew has turned up on American Pickers.

On the most recent episode, which aired Monday night–and now is available online if you can find it–Frank and Mike find themselves in the middle of a pick where they run across some bootjacks known as Naughty Nellies, and while the discuss the use of this type of boot jack, an image of a pair of ladies legs flashes on the screen with an explanation that at an auction in 2005 a pair of corkscrew legs brought $ 2000.00.




Really? $ 2000 in 2005. Could you not find some more recent sales information, I mean it is only 8 years later. I hate to belabor the obvious, but how about giving some more recent (and accurate) pricing information, like they sell for several hundred and the pink and white ones you chose to use aren’t exactly the $ 2000.00 dollar variety.

That said, at least they are showing a corkscrew!

Of course, What makes this episode more special however, is that in the credits–which if you blink you would miss them–they show the names of the places from which they acquired the images. And, what name is up there but Era Corkscrews.


Yes, our man Gavin has made it big!!! Congrats Gav!!! I will add, that Gavin did email me to let me know that he was contacted by the company that produces the show, so I knew to look for his name “in lights.” Very cool Gav…very cool.

Of course, I am still waiting for Frank and Mike to actually find a collection of corkscrews, but since they have picked up one in the previous episode, and are using an image of one in the most recent episode (Cheap Picks), perhaps they are getting closer.

Speaking of corkscrews, I picked up an interesting bow last night. WHen I first saw it, I thought the hoofpick might have been shortened…



…but in looking at the pictures if it was longer it wouldn’t allow for the other tools to close. I am guess it was made this way.

When it arrives in a couple of days, I will examine it more closely.