After spending the last few hours sanding the pine which will ultimately be whitewashed and put up as the walls in the master bedroom, I decided to take a few minutes and check my email and such. And, of course, how could I not check eBay.

So… I did…

And, as fortune would have it, there was a corkscrew just listed, and the seller had decided to list the item as a buy it now on the corkscrew for the whopping price of $ 34.99.

Now ordinarily, I would have taken the time to look at all the pictures and read the description before pouncing on an item. This time, I didn’t hesitate. I was sure that it would be gone before I checked the other pictures.

I clicked.

I paid.

And, then I revisited the item.

In looking at the photos, I was definitely pleased to have hit the “buy it now” button. The helix is complete, the mother of pearl has no cracks whatsoever, and there is actually some floral embossing and a monogram on one side of the mother of pearl.

The corkscrew was listed as: Antique 1890s GERMANY Rencke? mother of pearl cork screw. And, Rencke, if one looks closely at the mark, is actually Henckels.







An awesome corkscrew, at an awesome price. Now, we just need to figure out who the corkscrew might have belonged to… The initials look like M.A.W. So who could it be?

Millicent Audrey Winkelstein?

Manfred Aloysius Willoughby?

Malcolm Aubrey Whittlestone?

Perhaps this will take a little further investigation…

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