a few arrivals

Beyond putting up the walls in the master bedroom, I have spent the last couple of days putting up the finishing touches on the latest edition of The Bottle Scrue Times. With a final round of editing to go, it hopefully will be at the printer in a couple of days, and then will be mailed out shortly thereafter.

Meanwhile, there have been a couple of arrivals. Another Davis with advertising for Minneapolis Brewing. I really don’t know why I keep buying these, as this is the fourth identical one–but, perhaps they will go well at the JFO in a couple of weeks. Also, there is a Rydquist patent, a flash (most likely for Tommy), and that 6 tool bow mentioned the other day.


The bow is indeed an interesting one, as at first I though perhaps the hoof pick might have been broken off, however after looking at the photos closely, it would have to be this shape to allow for the other tools to fold into the bow.

Now that it has arrived, it definitely was made to have this shape, and it is quite the handsome corkscrew with its rounded hinge.




Today is the first day of Spring, and this morning I spent a couple of hours digging out from about 12 inches of snow that fell yesterday and overnight. And, there is a chance of more snow on Friday. It is supposed to be Spring, isn’t it!?!

Speaking of Spring…

12 days until Baseball Season starts go Giants!
21 days until the JFO meeting begins in Nashville.
55 days until Brimfield Antiques show!


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