“Find peg and bring to Nashville…”

Well, I had figured that Tipped Worm Johnny would be interested in the Thomas Dick peg and worm (missing the peg at this point), and he definitely is. His response to my post yesterday, came through in an email which simply read:

“Find peg and bring to Nashville.”

And, so the hunt for an appropriate peg is still on!

Incidentally, I was looking closely at the marking yesterday, and it has a little square in the address. It is actually a creative way for the guy to spell it out. So, instead 26 Cadillac Square or Sq., it reads;




So… yes TWJ, it will be accompanying me to Nashville, and hopefully there will be some interesting tradebait on your end.

Could it be, that I have finally piled enough in TWJ’s pile to net out the Rainer corkscrew??????


I am thinking so… : )

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