Sterling finger pull corkscrew…

Last week, there was an interesting lot listed on eBay.  It contained a “Vintage Ladle, Snuffer, Tongs, Corkscrew, Bottle Openers, Clip, Napkin Ring.”


I looked closely at the corkscrew, and checked out the description.  And, when it came to describing the corkscrew the seller wrote:

One (1) wine corkscrew, the handle is stamped “Sterling”

And, so I put the listing on my watch list, and waited to see where it would end up, and if I would have a chance to win the auction.

After installing glass tile in the shower the last three days, I knew that the auction would be coming to a close soon, and checked out where the price was.  With 18 minutes to go, it was at 66 dollars.


 With time down to about 5 minutes, I placed a bid…  I have never seen this particular corkscrew sell…but it is Sterling, and it looks pretty cool.  As it happened, I was (at the time) the high bidder.

Of course, we all know what is going to happen.  All of the snipers would be coming in at the last minute–or so it seems, in the last 5 seconds.

So, I watched the last few minutes wind down, and with a minute to go, threw out a much more substantial bid.  I mean, if the snipers are going to snipe, I might as well give it a little padding.

And, then it happened.  Or, rather, nothing happened.  There were no other bids or snipe bids, and the lot will be heading to the island!

Now, I really don’t need a Vintage Ladle, Snuffer, Tongs, Bottle Opener, Clip, or Napkin Ring, so these ultimately will be tossed back on eBay–unless any of you are looking for a Vintage Ladle, Snuffer, Tongs, Bottle Opener, Clip, or Napkin Ring…

sterlingfinger sterlingfinger2

I am sure the corkscrew will shine up quite nicely, and have no doubt when it does, the lovely bride will say, “That’s Mine.”


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