adding to the advertising Converse list…

The last few days have been spent continuing to tile the master bathroom, and so there has been little time spent online.  And, I have also been getting ready for The Bottle Scrue Times to go out in the mail–being put in the mail today, if you were wondering–so eBay has really been left to everyone else.

Still, a week ago yesterday, a converse cork puller with an advertisement that I didn’t have was put up for auction, and I figured why not add it to the collection.  So, I patiently waited, and checked in every once in a while to see what the price was.

All week there were no bids.  And, with it closing yesterday, I placed a bid for an amount that I thought would take it easily.




7 days and no interest, but surely others would be bidding.

As it happened, I did indeed manage to win the Converse, for a bit more than I had hoped, but the extra few bucks is worth being able to add another advertising Converse to the list

This one carries an advertisement for McCormick’s Straight Whiskey!



If you have an advertising Converse patent Cork Puller that you want to add to the list, drop me a line.  Check out the Converse Cork Puller page here!


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