Sterling Finger(s)pull Corkscrew…

The other day, I mentioned winning an eBay lot, which included a Sterling corkscrew.  And, the lot arrived yesterday, and I was quite pleased when I opened the package.

In looking at the pictures online, I expected the corkscrew to be much smaller, but instead of a single finger pull, it is indeed at least a two finger pull–it really depends on the size of one’s fingers, I guess.

IMG_1241 IMG_1242 IMG_1243 IMG_1245

With a bit of polish, it shined up nicely, and after seeing it the Lovely Bride has claimed it for her collection, and it will soon be put in the case next to all of the other shiny silver corkscrews.

On another corkscrew note, for those of you in the ICCA, the latest issue of The Bottle Scrue Times was mailed off on Monday afternoon…and, should be arriving soon!


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