I will preface this by saying, the glass tiles are completely installed, so I was in need of a break.

And, so… I grabbed a cup of coffee, and sat down to do some online work (yes, I was actually working RL).

In between discussing Marshall McLuhan and his assertion that “the medium is the message” with my online students, I happened to run across an advertisement for a bar spoon with corkscrew.  I clicked the ad, and much to my surprise the bar spoon wasn’t the common variety that usually carries advertising on the handle.


This is a 1932 Walker and Orr patent corkscrew (Patent number 87764—for a Combination Bottle and Beverage Spoon).

And, for the ripe price of 10 dollars!  I made the phone call, and the Walker and Orr will be on its way to the island this afternoon!


spoon1 spoon3


Now, I did feel a twinge of guilt, as the item was located in a collecting friends “territory,” but on the other hand, the early bird gets the worm (or helix as it were).

Okay, maybe less than a twinge.


On another corkscrew (and opener) note, the JFO is only 5 days away.  Who knows what trades, deals, and finds will be made!!!  I will be reporting here as the deals happen!!!


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