JFO day 1

I landed in Nashville yesterday afternoon, and started making my way to the hotel, where Tommy was already striking deals!

After receiving a text/picture of Rogers patent camel, I wondered what else I had already missed out on…

As it was a short trip to the hotel, I was soon making deals as well.

So far there have been a few sales and few trades, and while Tommy has definitely for me beat in quantity–he added another 43 flashes–I managed to pick up a few nice corkscrews as well.

Two M-73s, a coffin guy, and an odd converse! More on the converse in a moment.


One of the M-73s is a orange Miami souvenir. This one is interesting as a couple of years ago, I traded for this exact corkscrew from TWJ.

In a later trade, it was then traded to Don Bull, who apparently traded it back to TWJ, who last night traded it back to me.

Don… Wanna swap???

The converse is interesting as It has an extended sheath that would have been used as a corer of sorts.

It has advertising for SEED TRADE REPORTING BUREAU.




After further review however, and a little help from Leon, we have come to the conclusion that this is actually a mismatched piece…

Perhaps we should change Tipped Worm Johnny’s name to Mismatched and Cracked Johnny…. : )

This morning we hit he road and will see what other corkscrews might turn up as we drive around Tennessee…

Stay tuned!!!


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