JFO day 2 and 3

After battling with the hotel to provide a wireless signal, which they hadn’t until moments ago, Tommy and I hit the road.  We started heading towards Chattanooga, and after a couple of brief antiquing stops, then made our way to Decatur, for a visit with John and Martha Morris.

While I have been to John and Martha’s before, I knew that Tommy was about to be blown away by their corkscrew collection.  And, after a short show-and-tell of items that we had brought with us, we headed down to the corkscrew room with libations in hand.

Visiting another collector’s collection is always a fantastic experience, and with John and Martha’s, combined with their wonderful hospitality it was an amazing time.

Words really can’t do the collection justice, nor can pictures…but here are a few.

IMG_1326 IMG_1332 IMG_1333


Corkscrew viewing was followed by dinner with some great wines.  The next morning, after breakfast, we ended up doing a little trading.  I managed to pick up another Clark signed direct pull, and swapped a roundlet for an interesting beer advertising corkscrew.

IMG_1342 IMG_1341

And, after a bit more negotiating, John picked up a patented can opener with corkscrew to add to his American patent collection.  Tommy was in on the deals too, and ultimately came away with a great Hoegger wall-mount corkscrew, a few flashes (which were icing that John threw in, even though Tommy didn’t even ask for them) and a few other pieces as well.



The stories were awesome, the company fantastic, and the corkscrews were simply stunning.

After the trading session, we headed back up stairs, and before preparing to leave, Martha made sure we had lunch to take with us!!!!  How cool is that.

We are now back at the hotel, and as we were arriving the JFO auction was about to begin–where I picked up another Rydquist patent.

Tomorrow will be some more trades, more antiquing, the show itself, and surely some more adventures.

Stay tuned.


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