I am away from my computer…

okay…I was away from my computer

The last few days have been spent doing construction–not that most of my days aren’t spent doing construction–and so I have been spending little time online and much time upstairs on the master bedroom project.  Still, I did peak at the ICCAuction listings, and have placed a couple of bids.

And, the lovely bride and I did manage a little getaway from the island yesterday.

We managed to pick up a couple cases of wine, and had a fun time hitting a few antique stores with one of our friends.  Not much in the way of corkscrews was found, but I did find an interesting Haff patent t-pull.

Now, Haff patents may not really be blog-worthy, but I found this one interesting, as it was the first example of the Haff that I have ever found (and I have found many) that has the metal piece in the center of the handle that was unmarked.  They always seem to have either the patent date or the patent applied for mark, and even those have multiple variations.  And, it was in a 20% off booth, and cheap to start…  So why not.


And, in the same mall, I picked up a small bunch of openers which, also included an interesting over the top opener with corkscrew.   Again, nothing earth shattering, but still a nice little corkscrew.  This one is marked MILL-HILL-BEVERAGE CO, WINES – LIQUORS – BEERS,  PHONE  2314  SALEM.



I should add that I did find about 20 other corkscrews, but they were either overpriced or common, and more often than not…both!    We did also happen upon some libations and raw local oysters!!!  Always a nice way to end a brief Sunday antiquing excursion!!!

After a lovely homemade Pizza dinner with various wines (and vodkas–yes plural) at our friend Tad’s house, we hopped in the car this morning and started heading for home.

So, we are now back on the island.  I am no longer away from my computer, but will get back to construction chores momentarily.  But, first, I will be sure to take another peak at the ICCAuction…


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