Wishes do come true!!!

The other day, I posted a blog entitled “Finding Frary.” And, at the end of the blog, I included several images of Frary corkscrews that I would still like to add to the collection.

And, as of yesterday afternoon, one of the Frarys on my wishlist was made available, and shortly thereafter a deal was stuck.

I was aware of a very similar corkscrew, but wasn’t able to acquire it.  Originally, Don Bull emailed a picture of a Frary corkscrew that was in Howard Luterman’s collection.  


I emailed Howard’s son to see if it was available, and received a response several months ago that explained that it was sold to John Morris.  I had called John to discuss our upcoming visit, and in our conversation he did explain that he had gotten a Frary from Howard’s collection.  And, when I visited John earlier this month, I did see that Frary.


Of course, I didn’t bother to make an offer, as obviously John too has a thing for Frary corkscrews (I may have actually made an offer, but I knew it was staying in John and Martha’s collection)

So, on to my wishlist it went.

Until yesterday…


A decorative cast iron handle Frary with hammer and spike, atop a hercules type frame.  Or as Frary’s description from 1889 would have explained, a “Combined Corkscrew, Ice-Picker, &e.”  At least, that is how he described his corkscrew with a similar handle, we don’t yet know how he would have described the hercules frame, but this would be the third variation with this frame that is in our collection.

fraryoblongherculesfk fraryspring

This corkscrew will surely make the best 6 for the year, and it brings the “Frary-ation” count up to 17.   There are still a few more out there, and hopefully I will be able to track them down.

And, if you have one (or two) lets talk trade!  I would happily bring the Frary count up to 18, 0r, 19, 0r 20, 0r…


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