W & F x 3

Yesterday morning, I received an interesting email, which referenced a nice buy that TC made. With a pretty fair buy it now price, a German Perpetual with an unusual marking for Will & Finck will be added to Tommy’s collection



The email also included a picture of a corkscrew that RL had also purchased–from the same seller.

Apparently, whilst Tommy was wrapping up the details of his purchase, the “Wineleopard,” was emailing the seller about Will & Finck and their corkscrews, and received a response explaining that they had just added another to eBay–this time with an Ivory handle! This too was placed on our second favorite auction site with a buy it now.


Two Will & Fincks from the same seller, very cool. And, very cool that two of the corkscrewteers picked them up.

But, wait…the seller listed a third Will & Finck corkscrew!


Or, more accurately, a “WILL& FINCK? WOODEN HANDLED 1860-1890,S CORK SCREW.” This one with a wooden handle and blade.

Well, it is missing its blade, and isn’t actually a Will & Finck, as the shaft of the helix is marked CAST STEEL. This too was listed with a buy it now, but the price is a bit high as far as I am concerned–it is still online, if anyone is interested.

Still, three nice corkscrews, two of which were definitely worth the price of admission.

Congrats TC and RL–nice buys! And, very nice corkscrews for your collections!!!

(I wonder if the seller has a fourth of fifth???)

13 days until Brimfield!


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