Round 2 (or perhaps round 3 and 4)

The next round ICCAuction corkscrew auctions will start ending today at 1 o’clock eastern standard time. And, there are a few upon which I will be placing bids.

A few have already surpassed the price that I have in mind, but it will be interesting to see how high they go. And, of course RL’s Wilhelm patent is up for sale, and the question remains if one (or several) of the well-heeled collectors will click the button and take the rare American patent.


Beyond corkscrewing around, we are still in construction mode here at the house, but are closing in–although it seems like I keep saying that.

The laundry room is done, the bathroom is awaiting a second coat of paint, the new sliding glass door is in, the pine walls are complete, and Monday we begin installing the hardwood floors. By the time I leave for Brimfield (a week from Monday) we should be down to some final electrical, plumbing, and trim work. We ARE closing in!

10 days until Brimfield!


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