When I was visiting John and Martha in Nashville in April, I saw his Walker and Orr patent spoon, and sitting next to it, a less substantial version. Clearly it was a Walker and Orr, but made out of formed tin.

I knew I had to find one. And, as it happened, last Monday on ebay there was a what looked to be a spitting image of the variation in John and Martha’s collection. I put it on my watch list, and this afternoon placed a fair bid.

For the last few hours, I was the highest bidder, and I waited for the snipe bids to come in. In the past Walker and Orr spoons have brought anywhere from 100 on up to the 250 range. And, moments ago, I received the confirmation email–just over 20 dollars was the final price, and I was the high bidder : )

Now, this isn’t a truly rare corkscrew, but these definitely do not turn up regularly.



This one is also interesting as it is an advertising piece for EGGERSS-O’FLYNG



An interesting little patented corkscrew to add to the collection.

Also, for those wondering, RL’s Wilhelm did sell on the ICCAuction–for about $ 21,000.00 . I think it is time to hunt for one of those too.


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