more info on The Simplex…

After reading yesterday’s blog, Don Bull emailed with information on The Simplex corkscrew.

He explained that The Simplex was patented by Henry Cliff (of Chicago) in Germany in 1894–this is something I should have remembered given that it was part of Don’s presentation The Incomplete Chicago Corkscrew Story from last year’s ICCA AGM.



For those of you interested in checking out his presentation, it is available on website in the Library section.  You can link to it here.

A follow up email from Don explained that The Simplex was also patented by Henry Cliff in England (No. 9,972, May 22, 1894) and again in France (No.238,702, May 22, 1894).

What is interesting is all of the patents are from May of 1894, but the corkscrew itself is marked Jan. 26, 1894…where does this date come from?

Surely there is some documentation out there…and, I will continue the hunt!

Thanks for the information Don!


btw:  Brimfield starts in four days!!!!

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