Are you driving yet Tommy?

Brimfield starts on Tuesday morning, and Tommy will be driving out to join the usual suspects as we search the fields of Brimfield for corkscrews.   But, with TC’s drive taking at least 14 hours, and knowing that he will probably hit every backroad antique store/mall along the way, what should be 14 hours could ultimately be 3 days.

Just be sure to be there for the 3 am wake up call on Tuesday TC!!



Of course, beyond hunting for corkscrews one of the best parts of the three (and sometimes four) day antiquing adventure is that so many corkscrew collecting friends turn up.  Yes, it means there is competition for our coveted corkscrews, but it is always fun to re-connect with friends.

The May show at Brimfield is always the most attended, both by buyers and by dealers.  And, there are ALWAYS corkscrews to be discovered.

What will be unearthed this time around?  I can hardly wait!!!

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