Brimfield – Day 1

Last night, Barry and I headed off to dinner, and as the last round was almost done, Tommy walked into the restaurant, grabbed a captain and diet coke, and soon enough a couple more drafts appeared for Barry and I.

We talked to Tommy about his drive, examined a signed CLARK direct pull that I picked up on my drive down, and made plans for the morning—we also debated whether the Clark is really signed or not, as you can make out the C, and a portion of the L and the K, but it is really really really faint.  Still, I will go with signed Clark!

This morning we met as arranged, and all headed off together to Brimfield.  After our arrival, Barry headed right, and TC and I headed left.  For the most part, Tommy and I stuck together, checking out booths and hunting for hidden helixes.

Several times we headed opposite directions, only to meet up shortly thereafter.  And, when this would happen we would share what had been found thus far; a flash, a starr wall mout, a couple of t-pulls, Ebay fodder for the most part.  Tommy (and a couple of the dealers) were getting a kick out of my new negotiating technique.  I would ask how much, and whatever price they respond with, I simple repeat the price; loudly with a certain disbelief.  Thus far, it hasn’t really helped, but we all certainly get a good laugh over it–especially when it is 5 dollars for a flash or similar.

At that point, we hadn’t seen Barry since he headed right.  And, as we were closing in on the time when Dealer’s Choice was to open, we made our way towards the field.  Still, no Barry in sight.

We traversed the field at the appointed time.  I saw a waiter and codger for 75 a piece–which were purchased by a dealer and repriced in the next field for 125 a piece–and passed on a peg and worm that was a bit over priced.  Tommy on the other hand, had texted to say he got a  henshall (unsigned) for 10 bucks…  Nice!

Before Dealer’s Choice opened however, I had picked up a couple of things as well.  A signed Murphy T pull, a decapitator Clough, a Sterling roundlet in nice shape, an unusual Aubock key—in aluminum, a Williamsburg brass corkscrew, and a haff patent.  Nothing truly spectaular, but the day (and the week) is still young.

After grabbing a bite, I met up with Barry and TC.  As usual, we compared finds.  And, Barry had picked up some nice items.  A small white scottie dog with the bell in the tummy for very little, and Perille Perle folding corkscrew—hmmm I guess we should have headed right.

As the next field opened, we split up, with me heading right (this time), Barry heading left, and  TC heading straight up the middle.  There were a fair amount of corkscrews in this particular field, but many of them overpriced.  Still, I was quite happy when I happened upon an unusual figural black cat corkscrew, and then three booths later I scored a Bodega—a corkscrew that I have never  had before, and for a very fair price.

Shortly thereafter we all met up again, and visited a booth that had an absolutely mint Geha—with nice markings.  However, the price was a bit steep, and none of us wanted to fork over the amount the dealer was asking–the Geha was left behind…


Tomorrow there are three new fields opening, and you never know what might turn up.  Stay tuned.

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