Brimfield – Day 2

This morning we all met at the appointed time, and headed off towards Brimfield.   The first new field of the morning opened at 6:00 am, and we were there at the ready.  Barry was going to use an alternate entrance, I was going to start on the right side, and Tommy was going to head somewhere where we weren’t.

In the first few booths, I hadn’t found much, but picked a 5 dollar t pull, and then a nice Anri terrier figural corkscrew.


The seller of the 5 dollar T-pull explained that he had better corkscrews at home, but as he was heading home tonight, he would bring the corkscrews back with him tomorrow. I am hopeful that he will remember to bring them, and they are worth bringing : )

Lots of overpriced corkscrews were available in this particular field, and I had just about finished the last row of dealers, when I decided to text Tommy to see how he was doing.  We hadn’t seen each other since he started of in the other direction.  And, his text came back, “Mumford.”  Nice find TC!  And, with an asking price of 25 dollars, it is a REALLY nice find!

After we exhausted that field, we grabbed some breakfast and recognized we had about an hour to kill before the next field was to open.  So, Barry headed off, and  TC and I meandered back through the field again, just in case…

As it approached 9:00, we congregated at the entrance of the next field to be opened, and again made our plans of attack.  I would head to the left of the field, Tommy to the right, and Barry to the back of the field, and work his way forward.

The gates opened, and the guys took off.  I on the other hand, simply stopped at the first booth on the left hand of the aisle and picked up a nice direct pull with blade/cutter.

I headed down the field, and after turning to the next aisle, entered into a booth where the dealer said, “Its the corkscrew guy.”  And, while I was perusing the items, he got up and walked past me and started rummaging through a box.  I asked him if I could help him find something, to which he responded, “I have a corkscrew for you.”  And, within short order presented me with a lovely La Pierre roundlet adorned with a fleur de lys pattern.  After asking how much, and my countering the offer, we met in the middle.  I handed over my cash, and I was off to the next booth.


After passing on a few common corkscrews, I then spotted a small case with nice corkscrews within it. When I looked up, I recognized this dealer with whom I have been talking corkscrews for several years.  He is a former CCCC member, and had sold off most of his collection, but over the various visits to Brimfield has told me that at the next show, he would bring a few with him.  This would be followed by him repeating the same thing the next show, and the next.  It seems finally he brought them.


There was a very nice Goliath–which is pretty funny given in yesterday’s field there was a very nice Geha.  Much like the Geha, the price was a bit much, so I left that one behind but picked up a very handsome British brass frame corkscrew and corkscrew that looks similar to a Plant’s Magic patent (unmarked).


Given I had been pestering him to bring the corkscrews for 3 or 4 years now, he was willing to strike a deal for the pair.

Shortly I met up with Tommy, and since we hadn’t seen Barry, we headed over to grab a bite to eat, and wait for the third field to open.  Finally the bell rung so buyers could start buying, and we scurried about asking for corkscrews.  Not much in this field, although I did pick up a couple of Haffs.  And, as luck would have it I had another conversation with another dealer who had a small box of corkscrews in his van.  With sales fast and furious, he wasn’t able to get to them, but promised to hold them for me until tomorrow.  That definitely will be my first stop of the day.

All in all, a nice day walking the fields of Brimfield.


Tonight we will make our annual pilgrimage to the Student Prince to celebrate a successful Brimfield trip, as tomorrow we each will be heading back home.

Not before hitting May’s field of course…and you never know what might turn up.


Stay tuned.


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