Brimfield – Day 3

Thursday morning at Brimfield is certainly more civil, as May’s field opens at 9:00 in the morning, as opposed to daybreak as on Tuesday.  And, after packing up and checking out of the hotel, a caravan of vehicles started heading towards the antique show.  At first, it was just a caravan of three–Barry, Tommy, and I.  But, as we neared Brimfield, traffic got heavier and heavier, and we were stop and go for the last two miles before we could find parking.  Not really that bad, given we gave ourselves an early start.  Those that were still sipping their coffee, and contemplating a day of antiquing would soon be backed up for multiple miles.

As mentioned yesterday, there were a couple of dealers who had suggested a return visit after they unearthed some corkscrews, and one came through.  While he only had one that he could find, that Tommy bought, he started to describe, in detail, a corkscrew he has back at his shop.  As he was describing it, I grabbed my iPhone and pulled up my website.

And, after clicking a picture, and enlarging it for him, I asked, “like this.”

“That’s the one.”

“I would definitely be interested,” I responded.

We talked value/price, and logistics of getting to his shop, but he promised photos of the others that he has as well when he gets back to his place.

(The anticipation is killing you isn’t it)

After our visit with the dealer, we headed off to May’s and stood in line for half an hour while waiting the gates to open.  And, when they did, we headed off on the hunt.   I hadn’t planned to stay long at May’s, as I had to hit the road, and catch the 2:45 boat.  So, after meeting with another dealer who saves his corkscrews for me (sadly he didn’t have any this time), I walked a few aisles, and shortly thereafter texted TC to tell him I was on my way out.

Tommy had found some corkscrews at that point, and I passed on a too expensive Anri bar set.  I had run into Barry, and he had yet to pick up anything, but I am sure it was only a matter of time before each picked up a few more.

I hopped in the car, and made my way back to Rockland where I caught the 2:45 with 20 minutes to spare (in between, the aforementioned dealer called me to discuss a couple of other openers he just found in his van, and promised pictures of those as well).

All in all, a successful trip to Brimfield.  Good corkscrews the first two days, a good time with Barry and Tommy, and a great lead on a very nice corkscrew with our new dealer friend.

What is the corkscrew?  Well, from his description, and then his confirmation when he saw the picture, in a week or so, a deal should be done on one of these:



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