Another Mumford, and heading off for a few days…

The lovely bride has been planning a b-day trip for some time, and in a couple of hours we will be heading off island for a Josef’s-Birthday-Adventure!  What is really fun about this, is she has kept the entire thing a secret, and I have no idea where we are headed.  She is pretty amazing.

I will report on the birthday-extravaganza when we return on Tuesday.

On a corkscrew note, since Tommy and I were hanging out together, and since we had both found corkscrews, why not trade.  So, Tommy grabbed the plain Sterling roundlet that I picked up on day one of Brimfield, a Decapitator advertising Clough, and another corkscrew that I can’t remember, and in exchange I took his cracked, tarnished, rusty, and pitted Mumford : )




After getting ready for the upcoming trip, I had a few minutes to spare, so I decided to give the Mumford a little cleaning to make it a little more appealing.  And,  it is pretty nicely marked:



And, um… apparently isn’t cracked after all : )

It could still use a little more tender loving care, but it is beginning to clean up nicely.




Now, it is time to finish packing, and then head off to the boat.

Stay tuned!


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