Another waiter…

This morning, a seller on eBay listed a catalog page from L & C Mayers of New York circa 1937.  And, on this particular page of the L. & C. Mayers Co. Fifth Ave., New York catalog–illustrated is a Syroco Waiter.



FL7381 Novelty Waiter Figure……. $4.00

Attractive figure of waiter carved in wood. Colored black, white and natural flesh color.

Head lifts out producing automatic corkscrew and bottle cap remover. Novel ornament. Height 8 ¼ inches.

At $ 4.00, the waiter would be a nice gift.  Of course, if you look at Syroco’s catalogs from back in the day, they were selling them at 15.00 for a dozen if decorated, and 12.00 for a dozen if walnut/stained–$1.25 and 1.00 a piece respectively.


Not that L. & C. Mayers Co should’t have made a profit mind you, just that a 320% markup seems a little steep : )

Speaking of Syroco Waiters, a nice stained one was listed on eBay yesterday with a fairly low buy it now price.  Not that I really need another Syroco Waiter as there are about a dozen standing around waiting for us to open a restaurant, and this example was a bit more than the price as advertised by L. & C. Mayers Co.


When it comes to Syroco however, I have little control, so I clicked the BIN button anyway : )

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