You just never know…

So yesterday on Facebook, an antique dealer mentioned his website and made reference to a miniature folding bow corkscrew that he had for sale.  And, given that you never know what other corkscrews someone might have for sale, I visited his site.

Lots of corkscrews, but many of them a bit out of reach as far as price–a Heeley double lever is priced at $ 300.00.  And, many of them more-or-less of the common variety–and those are priced a little more reasonably; a Syroco Waiter for $ 59.00 for example.

I went through the 138 pictures of corkscrews, and then happened upon the prong pullers.  And, there it was, something that I would happily snap up at the price he was asking.  And, I didn’t even email to haggle with him, I wanted to simply complete the purchase, figuring others might be perusing the same site.

Now, this technically is a double, but it was still lower priced than what I had to fork over when I got my first example on eBay five years ago, and it was seriously lower than what one recently sold for on the recent ICCAuction, with a bidding war that ended with fotodeal taking the cork puller out of the clutches of the desirous underbidders.

The prong puller I acquired in 2008 made my best 6 for that year.


But, still, it is a double…perhaps I should look into a possible trade…  IH? DB?  RL? TC? JM?  Feel free to send pictures of tradebait for the Converse-like prongs with sheath; marked PATENT APPLIED FOR on the prongs : )



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