the unsaleable Moore patent

For the last several months (and I mean several) there has been a Moore patent corkscrew (combination folding sardine fork thingy) that has been listed on ebay repeatedly.  And, for whatever reason has yet to get a bid.

It will run the full 7 days, and then end (most recently at 55.00), and then get relisted a few days later for a similar price…  Although the price has changed now and then; higher then lower, sometimes back up to the previous opening bid…


What is it about this particular corkscrew, that is keeping bidders from bidding?  What is keeping you all from bidding?


I have two different Moore patents in my collection, and still at 55.00 with identical advertising on one of the two that I own, I really don’t need a second one.  Still, it is a nice corkscrew, but with  no interest.

Perhaps this time it has been listed, someone will come through…

Or, maybe not : )