another clandestine hand-off

This morning, online, I found an interesting Williamson bullet corkscrew with advertising for sale.  The price was affordable, so I sent off an email to express my interest.

However, as they are across the country–technically out of the country–doing a deal in person wouldn’t be possible.  So, in my email I offered to pay for shipping as well, and awaited a response.

The response, when it arrived, wasn’t promising.  The seller explained, that the deal had to be local, but thanks for expressing an interest.


So, I considered who in that particular area might be willing to meet up with seller on my behalf.

I sent off an email, and in short order, an email arrived which read, “Will see that I can do.”

And, then three hours later, I was forwarded an email with details of the upcoming transaction between the bullet-seller and the conveniently proximate and willing fellow collector.

In their email exchange, the seller explained that she couldn’t arrange delivery, but suggested that they could meet up.  The email reads;

“After work I board the Seabus at Lonsdale Quay at 4:17, it crosses in about 12 minutes so I would be docking on the Vancouver side at approximately 4:30 and then scooting up from the water to the inside of the terminal.  How about if we meet near the front of the Starbucks in the Vancouver Seabus terminal at about 4:30.”

Okay.  Near the front of Starbucks in the Vancouver Seabus Terminal…at approximately 4:30  But, how will the aforementioned cooperative collector recognize the person carrying a corkscrew that could fit in one’s pocket.

The email continues;

“For ease in finding me, look for someone 5 feet tall, mid 50s, and carrying a small red and gold box in plain view.”

I am guessing the small red and gold box in plain view might contain the Jewett Bigelow & Brooks Coal Detroit Michigan roundlet corkscrew.


Thanks for arranging the meeting WM!!!   And, for shipping the corkscrew to me!

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